Systemic Console 2

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The Systemic GUI interface


Systemic Console 2 is a new software package for fitting and analyzing a variety of exoplanetary data. It is a complete rewrite of the old Systemic Console. It consists of a fast, parallelized C library (which you can easily integrate into your own project), an R package providing a high-level interface to the library, and an easy-to-use  “studio” user interface for interactive use and plotting.

Systemic is an open-source project released under GPLv3. You can browse its source code on its GitHub page.


  • Interactive fitting of radial velocity and transit timing data using a point-and-click interface or scripts;
  • Lomb-Scargle periodograms with bootstrapped false alarm probabilities;
  • Self-consistent integration using a builtin integrator (Runge-Kutta 8/9 or Bulirsch-Stoer) or a custom integrator;
  • Optimization using one of the Simplex, Levenberg-Marquardt, Simulated Annealing or Differential Evolution algorithms;
  • Error estimation using Bootstrap, Markov-Chain Monte Carlo, or custom routines;
  • Simple facilities for data input/output, manipulation and cleaning;
  • Dynamical integration with SWIFT’s RMVS algorithm;
  • And many more features (explore the menu of the Systemic user interface for pointers).


Download Systemic (v2.15)

Mac OS X

If you are running Mac OS X, we provide a ready-to-use distribution (no compilation required). An Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or better is required. Expand the archive called systemic_mac.tar.gz and follow the instructions in the file “README_1st.txt”.

Other Unix

If you are using a Unix platform, please download the version including only the sources (systemic_*.tar.gz), and read the README_Compiling.txt file to proceed with compiling the package.


Documentation will be forthcoming. In the meantime:

You can check out the papers I wrote with the previous version of the Systemic Console (1.x):

Bugs and limitations

Please file an issue ticket on the GitHub issues page if you encounter a bug.  Be sure to specify the version of Systemic, R and operating system you were using, and steps to reproduce the bug.